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Living Well With Lai is a health and wellness service that provides educational tools that will assist you with keeping yourself healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We offer programs such as the "90 day Transformation Program" that was designed to transform your mind and body and "Better Connection"that will give you the tools to help you become a better spouse or partner and help you and you partner explore a new level of intimacy.  If you're ready to take that next step to becoming a better version of yourself click on the link below. 

Swan Songs

Swan Songs is a docuseries that was created to educate and end the stigma on mental health. This series involves interviewing members who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and have had suicidal ideations or attempts. They will also discuss their experiences an also how they overcame challenges they have faced.

 (viewer discretion is advised)

Image by Sydney Sims

Herbal medicine

A type of medicine that uses roots, stems, leaves, flowers or seeds of plants to improve health, prevent disease and treat illnesses. Not only will you save money but alternative (herbal) medicine could possibly cure the actual illness whereas conventional medicines are designed to just treat the symptoms.

Herbal Medicine

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Contact me if you have any questions about the services, products or if you are interested in telling your story for our docuseries Swan Songs.

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